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Modern base (Specialized Children and Youth Sports School of the Olympic Reserve No. 8) for training camps, sporting and mass participation events: international, national tournaments, matches and friendly games; we arrange sparrings, match games of boys’ and girls’ teams from 6 to 19 years old.

In addition to the football pitch with artificial turf we can offer a modern administration and accommodation complex with changing rooms, a gym and a conference room. During the educational training camp inGomelthe following facilities will be at your disposal:

• artificial football pitch - 108 x 67;

• mini-football pitch - 40 x 20

• number of seats in the stands - 1000

• electric lighting of the artificial pitch - 96 kW 500 lux

• 6 changing rooms for 22 persons each, with showers and toilets.

• conference hall for 30 persons (TV, video)

• speakerphone, scoreboard

• medical office

• room for judges

- Accommodation of various levels is provided for the period of training camps, we can arrange set menu board in accordance with the customer request.

Подробное описание:

Tour price: on request


Detailed Description:


Outdoor football pitch


Football pitch with artificial turf


• pitch size 108 x67 meters

• Address: ul.Sozhskaya 1a


Outdoor mini-football ground


Open mini-football ground with artificial turf


• pitch size 20 x40 m

• Address: ul.Sozhskaya 1a


Indoor football mini - pitch


Covered football mini - pitch with artificial turf


• pitch size 20 x40 m

• Address: ul.Sozhskaya 1a




• Address: ul.Sozhskaya 1a

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