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May 1 - 4,  May 7 - 10, 

Gomel– Turov –Pinsk–Brest

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The tour price includes a comfortable coach; 3 nights in hotels with modern conveniences inGomel, Turov andBrest; meals – according to the program (4 breakfasts, 4 lunches); excursions - according to the program.

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1st day: meeting of the group at the railway station. Tour of the series of palaces and gardens – architectural monument of the XVIII – XIX centuries; acquaintance with the history and architecture of Gomel of the Classicism period, activities of Earl Rumyantsev and Duke Paskevich, outstanding representatives of the Russian nobility. (The application for entering the List of UNESCO has been filed).7 a.m. – breakfast.8 a.m. – Excursion “Тhe Pearl of Polesye” will tell you about the unique culture ofGomel and Vetka regions ofBelarus. The history of these places can be traced back to the pagan times. Long time ago there was a boundary of ancient principalities in this region, where western and eastern cultures constantly met. Besides, the Old Believers settled here in the XVII century. The excursion will tell you about the places associated with the life, culture, customs and traditions of the Old Believers. The small town ofVetka is a former largest centre of suburban Old Belief inBelarus. Through many centuries the followers of Old Belief from throughout of the orthodox world were coming here bringing ancient books written according to old canons. Calligraphers, artists, bookbinders, restorers from different countries were gathering in Vetka to save the ancient traditions of book-making for descendants. Thanks to the Old Believers one can see ancient books and manuscripts issued by the followers of Frantsisk Skaryna who was the first East Slav to print twenty three illustrated Bibles in the Belarusian language. During the excursion you will visitVetkaFolkMuseum with the exposition including more than 800 fragile paper artifacts of the XVI – early XX centuries.12 a.m. Check-in. 2 p.m. – lunch. 4 p.m. – Motor-vessel excursion along the Sozh river. 6 p.m. – extra paid dinner. 7 p.m. – visit to the theatre. Night.

2nd day: 7.30 a.m. – breakfast, Check-out. Transfer to Turov (350 km). Tour of Turov. According to the old legend in ancient times there were 75 functional churches in this now small Belarusian town, which was metaphorically called the second Jerusalem. Turov was the center of the Principality in the IX – XI centuries. After Christinization of Russia in 988 Christianity began to spread in Turov lands. In 1005 the Orthodox eparchy and first Christian churches such as Varvarinsky nunnery, a stone cathedral on the Castle Hill (destroyed May 3, 1230 by an earthquake) sprang up in Turov. Many famous people lived in Turov: Kirilla Turovsky (maestro of prose, author of sermons, prayers, morals and proverbs), Martin Turovsky, Lavrenty Turovsky. In 1865 the New Testament of the XI century was found in the Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Saviour which is the most ancient manuscript book found in the territory of the present-dayBelarus. The woodenAllHallowsChurch built in 1810 has survived to the present day. Stone crosses are kept in the Church, the objects of orthodox Christians cult worship. There is a legend in Turov that these crosses came up the stream of theDnieper and Pripyat rivers in the times of Russia Christinization. Lunch. Visit to theNatureMuseum of Pripyatsky National Park. Walk to the birdy greenland – rest point of migrating birds. Extra paid dinner. Night.

3rd day:7 a.m. – breakfast. Transfer toPinsk (170 km). Excursion “Pinsk – a town of nine centuries” is dedicated to the tour ofPinsk – one of the most ancient and beautiful towns ofBelarus. It is a unique journey through time and space. You will visit memorial places and monuments telling about milestone events in the destiny of the town. In the course of its long history the town made a part of different state formations and countries, was influenced by various ethnic cultures, suffered from wars and fire, but has preserved its originality, unique architectural look and amazing aura.



The excursion begins at the origin ofPinsk– ancient Dedinets, where the woodenPinskCastleof the XI – XVII centuries was towering reflected in the waters of the Pina river. In theOldTownone can see the throwbacks and memorial signs of people and old legends at every step. The most valued object ofPinskantiquity is the Jesuit Collegium of the XVII century, one of the best educational institutions ofBelarusin the times of thePolish-LithuanianCommonwealth, alma-mater of Adam Narushevich, Mateush Butrimovich and other famous people of the region. At the foot of the Collegium one can see an old floating river-boat station of sky blue colour. You will immerse in the unforgettable atmosphere of a medieval town. You will enjoy the carved altars of Virgin Mary Assumption Church and the whole ensemble of Franciscan Monastery of the XVII-XVIII centuries, view ofButrimovichPalace, Catholic Church of Karl Barameush, Polesye Drama Theatre, the oldesthigh schoolofPolesye. The route will run via Karolin estate – the former capital of Polesye hasids, Leshche where the Pina and the Pripyat rivers join, Albrekhtovo related to the name of the Skirmunts, dynasty of Polesye entrepreneurs, and modern residential areas. Lunch. Transfer toBrest(150 km). Extra paid dinner. Check-in. Night.

4th day:8 a.m. – breakfast. Check-out. Excursion to Belovezhskaya Pushcha. Lunch. Excursion to “The Brest Hero-Fortress” memorial complex, including the visit to the museum and fortress territory. Departure.

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