MINSK, 3 days

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Minsk – Mir – Nesvizh – Dudutki (Belarus tours: regular group tours)

3 days / 2 nights (Friday - Sunday)

Welcome toBelarusfor a weekend!

You will be offered a varied program of sightseeing and entertainment – tour of old-time blocks and new ensembles ofMinsk, visiting the majestic Castle in Mir and Palace complex in Nesvizh, acquaintance with Dudutki museum of ancient technologies. You don’t have to pay extra — our tour includes everything You need: meeting each tourist at the railroad car and transfer to the hotel with early check-in, tickets to Dudutki, all museums and castles, buffet breakfasts and lunches in the restaurants, organ recital, swimming in the waterpark, samogon taste test and flour miller treats. We have been arranging this tour every weekend for eight years already – join us!Minskbest three-star “BELARUS” hotel with a waterpark is situated in a most beautiful place ofMinsk…

The tour price includes:

Meeting at the railroad car at the station, transfer to the hotel, check-in from 00.30.

Accommodation: in “BELARUS***” hotel with a waterpark, center of the city.

Rooms: double rooms with all modern conveniences, TV, telephone, refrigerator, air conditioner

Meals: 3 buffet breakfasts + 3 lunches + 4 taste tests in Dudutki.

Transportation: transfer to the hotel; sightseeing tours by tourist class coach

Excursions with museum tickets:

  • Minskgeneral sightseeing tour, Trinity Suburb
  • Organ recital
  • Excursion to the City Hall
  • Excursion to the Museum complex of ancient crafts and technologies Dudutki
  • Horse cab riding in Dudutki
  • Four taste tests in Dudutki: at samogon still, in bakery, at mill, from bee keeper
  • Sightseeing tour "Mir and Nesvizh monuments of architecture"
  • Excursion to theMirCastle, entrance tickets included.
  • Excursion to the Palace complex of Nesvizh, entrance tickets included.

Waterpark in “BELARUS***” hotel, 1 hour

Information package: travel advisory, tourist map ofMinskwith hotels, museums, shops…

Brand name souvenirs

Стоимость тура: BYR 3 506 000 / RUR 12 300 \ USD 200
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Friday – Arrival in Minsk, meeting at the station at the railroad car No. 5 of Your train with yellow plate "тур БЕЛАЯ РУСЬ", transfer to the hotel, check-in (from 00.10). Information package handout (travel advisory with a detailed program description andMinskmap). Buffet BREAKFAST.

10 a.m. General sightseeing tour ofMinsk(4 hours). During the tour You will get to know the city’s past within a wide historical framework. The Principality of Polotsk, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, thePolish-LithuanianCommonwealth, the Russian Empire, the Soviet Belorussia and theRepublicofBelarus— that is the wayMinskhas passed throughout the centuries... You will see Saint Peter and Paul’s Cathedral of the early ХVII century and the "Red" Church of the early ХХ century; the earliest Nemiga Street which was started from earth-timber fortress — the Minsk Castle, and the picturesque Upper Town the life of Minsk has been associated with throughout five centuries. TheUpperTownpreserves monuments of the XVII — early XX century architecture. On its main square — Ploschad Svobody (Freedom Square) — You will see the city hall, bazaar, shopping arcade, series of monasteries (Bernardian, Basilian, Jesuit). Here You will visit the most valuable city’s monuments of architecture — orthodox and catholic cathedrals of the ХVII century. In the catholic cathedral You will enjoy ORGAN RECITAL. During the visit to the CITY HALL You will get acquainted with the city’s magistrate functioning, the Magdeburg Law traditions and pre-revolutionaryMinsklife. Tragedy of the city residents during the World War II; modern, rapidly growing Minsk at the turn of the ХХ-ХХI centuries will also be reflected in the tour. Majestic ensembles of the main squares and avenues ofMinsk, monumental buildings of Constructivism period, modern public and sport facilities — innovative National Library and grand Minsk Arena — will burst upon Your eye… The city’s history, its great personalities will miraculously come alive in the guide’s story and keep on telling their stories during the walk along the TRINITY SUBURB where the city’s life was pulsing in the century before last and where the guests are attracted today by museums, gift shops, cubby cafes, taverns and many other things. This walk will finish the tour around the capital ofBelarusin terms of time and space. LUNCH. Free time, walks around the city — everything at Your hand! Night inMinsk.


Saturday - Buffet BREAKFAST

9 a.m. Sightseeing tour “MIR AND NESVIZH monuments of architecture” (approx. 11 hours). You will see the most valuable monuments of Belarusentered by UNESCO into the List of World Heritage Sites — MirCastleand a series of castles and gardens in Nesvizh which years-long restoration was finished in 2011. The magnificent MIRCASTLEwww.mir­za­mak.by built in the first quarter of XVI c., its bright architectural look, powerful walls and towers and cobbled inner baily leave unforgettable impressions added by MUSEUM EXHIBITION viewing. Dipping into atmosphere of the live of its owners begins from basements where food provisions were kept and wine cellars were located and ends with the Ball Room drowning in rococo splendor… Near the castle You can see a modern-style burial vault church for the last titled castle owners — the Sviatopolk-Mirskiy princes. The MIR SETTLEMENT historical part miraculously kept the colour of a former cubby place where Belarusians, Poles, Jews, Gypsies and Tatars have lived as one world for centuries… The Marketplace is formed by orthodox church, catholic church, synagogue, yeshiva, houses of craftsmen and merchants. LUNCH.
Half an hour travel to NESVIZH — the former capital of Radziwill Family Fee Tail www.niasvizh.by. The Marketplace of this picturesque town preserved a city hall, old-fashioned merchants’ rows and craftsmen houses; not far from here You can find the Brama of Slutsk (town gate of XVII c.). Viewing SERIES OF CASTLES AND GRADENS of XVI-XVIII centuries built by Mikolaj Krzysztof "the Orphan" Radziwill (architect G. M. Bernardoni) surrounded by high earth wall and vast ponds. The Series architecture combines elements of the Renaissance, Baroque and classicism. The magnificent castle palace is a system of buildings combined in a single series forming a graceful court of honour. Viewing impressive exhibition in the palace complex — great halls (Hunting, Ball, Portrait, Fireplace, Golden, etc.), residential and household rooms. Walking along the picturesque PARKS adjoining the castle. Visiting The CORPUS CHRISTI CHURCH (1593, architect G. M. Bernardoni): marvelous wall-painting in the cathedral, underground CRYPT — Radziwill family vault — make this holy place one of the most valuable places of Belarus. During the visit You will hear a story of the Radziwill dynasty — one of the most powerful families in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth who have left their marks in the cultural heritage of the Belarusian people and the whole European civilization… Return toMinsk about 8.30 p.m. Free time, walks around the city. Night inMinsk.

Sunday - Buffet BREAKFAST. Check-out, the luggage in the bus.

9 a.m. Excursion to the Museum complex of ancient crafts and technologies DUDUTKI www.du­dutki.by (about 5.5 hours). You will have a wonderful trip: a serious tour with non-serious adventures: samogon tasting, horse cab riding, miller’s treatment. Dudutki is a Skansen-type museum. Being created in 1995 through the efforts of enthusiasts headed by E. Budinas this ethnographic museum is now one of the most visited places inBelarus! During the visit You will have a chance to see folk artifacts and acting workshops of the XIX century Belarusian farmstead. You will see the only acting wind mill in Belarus and try some tasty food from the miller; You will find yourself in the pottery and see the master working at the throwing will and showing his craftsmanship right in front of Your eyes; visit the ancient XIX century blacksmith shop and will be able to hammer a horseshoe for Your luck… Another place You will be able to see is a traditional joiner’s shop with astonishing tools of old masters; a picturesque bakery which will tell You a history of bread baking; old-fashioned automobiles exhibition… And You will find yourself in the center of ethnographic environment and interactive action wherever You are. In addition, You will see Orlov Trotters in the stable, ostriches, wild boars and other animals. You will also have a ride in ancient horse carriages and CABS; You will visit a picturesque picnic area and experience szlachta estate. During the visit you will have 4 TASTE TESTS:

  • at samogon still (samogon, bread, pickled cucumbers, honey)
  • in the bakery (hot bread, 3 types of cheese, butter, tea)
  • at mill (country bread with salo (pork fat))
  • from the bee keeper (honey)

Here you can buy fine souvenirs and take wonderful photos.

Belarusian folk-style LUNCH. Return toMinskapprox. 2.30 p.m. You can leave your belongings in the luggage office at the railway station (if your train starts late at night) and spend your free time in “Stolitsa” underground trade and entertainment center, 5 minute walk from the railway station... Departure home – Wish you a safe trip!

The tour price per 1 person:



1 person in double room

TWIN rooms (2 beds)

BYR 3 506 000

RUR 12 300


Children 6-16 years old, standard bed – minus RUR 1 200.

Children 6-16 years old, extra bed – minus 20% of the adult price

Children without lodging – RUR 6 500 (excursions, breakfasts and lunches, bus seat)


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